Press release


CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the leading Exhibition Knowledge Provider of Central East Europe has successfully organized the 3. Central Eastern European Exhibition Forum (3rd CEEEF). Basically it followed the 2004 projects of 2. CEEEF (on fair education) and the unique CEE visitor survey conducted in 6 countries, at 35 fairs among over 6,000 visitors.

Set for further growth

Dr. János Barabás, CEO of Hungexpo CCo. Ltd, Hungary, one of the founding members of the Union has been elected as new Chairman of CENTREX Union for the next two years at the Centrex Board Meeting, in Prague, on 10 March, 2006. All the members have highly appraised the significant results and activity of the outgoing chairman, Mr. Boguslaw Zalewski, President - General Director of Poznan International Fair, who has chaired CENTREX Union for 4 years

Knowledge center with new members

New members, new slogan and 'e-CENTREX'. Shortly summarized these were the most important highlights in the life of CENTREX in the past half year. And of course, the Centrex Statistics Yearbook 2004 has been published.

In 2003 CENTREX Union has decided to launch a multinational visitor survey. The research was conducted in 5 countries of Central East Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) in the time frame of August 2003 and February 2004, at 18 business-to-business (B2B) trade fairs and at 17 business-to-consumer (B2C) fairs, through personal interviewing of over 6,000 visitors of the events. Samples were taken at random but the same uniform questions were asked in all places at all times. 

Board meeting in Czech Republic, Ceské Budejovice, further growing membership, completing of a first-ever, unique Central European Exhibition visitor survey, a value-added process, towards becoming an exhibition knowledge centre.

These are the key words by which the current activity of Centrex International Exhibition Statistics Union, the exhibition knowledge centre of Central East Europe can be characterized. The Union held her 2nd half year Board meeting in Ceské Budejovice on September 3, 2004 by invitation of Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice who joined Centrex in 2001.

The current issue of wide ranging Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook has been published with the comprehensive results of the growing membership of 12 organisers and will be integral part of the pan-European yearbook, as well 

The 12 CENTREX members - Poznan International Fair, Trade Fairs Brno, Hungexpo Budapest, Incheba Bratislava, Incheba Praha, Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice, Kielce Trade Center, V-Trade Exhibitions Debrecen, Euroindex Kiev, Agrokomplex Nitra, Kiev International Contract Fair and the new member (joined in 2004) Expo Arad International from Romania - represent nearly two third of the exhibition market of 6 Central East European countries. 

New member, more transparency in another new country, new collaboration projects

With admittance of Expo Arad International from Romania as a new member of Centrex Union, credible, comparable exhibition statistics now is spreading in 6 countries of Central East Europe.

How detailed and in what context are exhibitions as marketing tools educated (or are they educated at all?) at universities and business high schools, how does education cope with fast changing marketing strategies of globalized and local businesses, what role exhibitions play in current marketing strategies, how can fairs and exhibitions be integrated into the academic course of higher education of the business intelligentsia of the future?