3. Central Eastern European Exhibition Forum


CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the leading Exhibition Knowledge Provider of Central East Europe has successfully organized the 3. Central Eastern European Exhibition Forum (3rd CEEEF). Basically it followed the 2004 projects of 2. CEEEF (on fair education) and the unique CEE visitor survey conducted in 6 countries, at 35 fairs among over 6,000 visitors.

This new 'first-ever' initiative and experience was relevant to the title 'Changing Roles of Research in Adjusting Fairs to Current and Future Demands'. The international workshop held in Prague on March 9-10, 2006 has in details highlighted the growingly sensitive topic of interrelation between economic / sectoral development and exhibition industry trends, their presence and appearance in economic and exhibition research. It also presented collaborations and business opportunities between economic, market research institutions and trade fair industry

Questions which have been discussed included how exhibitions and fairs reflect and relate to economic trends, consumer preferences and fantasies, how fairs respond to anticipated and factual economic changes and how fairs facilitate economic development, mostly in the small and medium scale sectors. Sources of research information and research methods were put to table and screen, advantages and difficulties of in-house and/or ex-house research options were 

Competitiveness in Europe and in other part of the world was brought to face the evolving demand on fair organizers to assist their partners to measure Return On Marketing Investment. Researches have assisted trade fair associations to develop suitable tools to upgrade their ability to respond changing environments in business and leisure relevance. 

Invited speakers and participants were coming from reputed international research organizations from Central and Eastern Europe and from West Europe (altogether 55 participants from 11 countries), debating and analyzing future challenges and opportunities. 

As part of the in-depth follow-up a CD is being compiled and shall be made available shortly. Inquiries should be sent to: