How to join?

Procedure and Conditions

The practical steps of the preparing of application:

The practical steps of the preparing of application is a multiphase (but not too complicated) process, as below:

  • Full determination inside your company to implement the CENTREX Statistics and Audit Rules and Regulation. (See Regulations at our website.)
  • Conception and implementing the relevant forms, documents (exhibitor application, registration forms, systems etc. - if there is a need for change to implement the Regulations in the future), - you can consult CENTREX in this respect because they have to know all of your forms needed to auditing (please contact Centrex secretariat)
  • In-house processing of the unified exhibition statistics according to the Regulation of CENTREX at least for the past 2 trade fairs in question – please send these draft statistics to CENTREX secretariat
  • Establishing contact and start to co-operate with the auditor company (e.g. CENTREX) who will audit your statistics actually.
  • Auditing of the event(s) by the auditor

And of course, being ready for membership send an official letter to CENTREX that you are ready to fully implement the regulations, the auditing and the publishing of the relevant data - and to pay the contribution fee for CENTREX operations.

Legal process

The legal steps of joining (at least 2-3 months prior of admission):

The would-be member has to send an Official Declaration of Intention of Joining CENTREX Union with

  • the main data of your company (as official full name, seat address, company registration details),
  • a certificate of company registration - an extract from the Company Registration Court in original
  • declaring that your company fully accepts CENTREX objectives and implement the Regulations and
  • that your company agreed and fulfill the financial conditions of joining and membership (see point Articles of Association)

Please consider that actual membership will be subject to approval by CENTREX General Assembly.

From our practical experience we know that sometimes it is not very easy and simple to elaborate, introduce and explain the use of the commonly defined categories in the practice.

Therefore CENTREX is ready to offer the applying companies to accomplish on-the-spot consultations (how to start it the best, how to save time and money concerning auditing).

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to Contact us