The Y generation

A couple of years ago I was at may if public fairs will have anything to do with traditional trade fair industry. We are exposed – and extremely so is the Y generation – to changing/new sales and marketing patterns, globalization of consumerism, and mostly, to digital world. Now I see it was a doomed vision: and surprisingly the digital world helps us a lot to restore the confidence that live events (or whatever we call today’s face-to-face) are much more attractive to the Y generation than I ever expected. Consider the growing success of GamesCon, and respectively Game Arena, Pyrkon, Majáles, PlayIT, GAMEon, Drone and Robotics etc  - also in Central Europe.

Now it is a challenge to us how to retain and attract these youngsters to our other B2C events – and not just there. We may have a lot of chances to obtain their attention, get to know their needs: they are coming into our streets! Do we do enough to make them to be our future customers in general?

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