Centrex with new chairman

Set for further growth

Dr. János Barabás, CEO of Hungexpo CCo. Ltd, Hungary, one of the founding members of the Union has been elected as new Chairman of CENTREX Union for the next two years at the Centrex Board Meeting, in Prague, on 10 March, 2006. All the members have highly appraised the significant results and activity of the outgoing chairman, Mr. Boguslaw Zalewski, President - General Director of Poznan International Fair, who has chaired CENTREX Union for 4 years

The recent Board Meeting of CENTREX in 2006 took place in Prague, 10 March, 2006, directly after the 3rd Central East European Exhibition Forum (3rd CEEEF) was concluded. 

A short first-hand reference to the Forum has emphasized that the meetings, the forums are essential in a face-to-face business we are in. On the other hand these forums present opportunities for added value services to be transferred to other partners in a very effective way. 

Dr. János Barabás, the new Chairman has mentioned that the excellent coincidence of being UFI Vice President and Chairman of UFI's new Education Committee will greatly contribute to a harmonised approach of trade fair education in Central Eastern Europe, as well. 

Mr. Jiri Knop has been reelected as the Executive Director. Over and above the regular points of an annual board meeting main discussion topics were to develop smaller joint projects to meet smaller CENTREX members' professional needs. This is a new challenge for activities in 2006. 

CENTREX Board has paid special attention to UFI's Position Paper to gain authentic acceptance as a highly effective tool for economic development and promotion. CENTREX is offering full assistance from the Central Eastern European region and participation at UFI's efforts to reach this objective. 

CENTREX Board has offered assistance to the International Visegrad Fund in placing graduate university students for PhD. studies in the Central Eastern European countries - with special focus on research into exhibition related studies. 

The Board has approved the proposal to continue the strategy started in 2005 and strengthen CENTREX Union as a back-up office for members regarding exhibition knowledge proliferation. 

This Board Meeting was attended by many specially invited guests from the industry, taking advantage of the presence at CEEEF of the representatives of the international exhibition industry UFI, AUMA, FSCF - OJS, CEFA. 

The Board has welcomed the completion of audited exhibition statistics of Centrex members for 2005 and the annual publication will be printed and distributed internationally in a few days. The transparent figures will be posted to Centrex website, also. 

CENTREX audited figures for 2005: 16 members from 6 countries, 243 exhibitions, 1.779.035 sqm.net space, 50.273 exhibitors (10.388 foreign exhibitors) and 3.603.951 visitors. (they cover nearly 400 fairs, including the simultaneously held exhibitions.)