What Exhibitions are best suited for

Trade fairs of the 21st century are an instrument of the market economy, in personal marketing and effective communication between market participants. Yet, the ultimate goal is making the sale – sooner or later.

What Exhibitions are best suited for, what they are being used for most often:

  • To introduce a company onto market (exhibitions are full-fledged, open, transparent marketplaces)
  • To enter new markets
  • To launch/introduce new or modified products/ services
  • To find, identify new partners
  • To present new use of existing products
  • To present full portfolio of a company
  • To widen customer base
  • To launch new corporate identity of a company
  • To strengthen corporate identity
  • To seek new distribution channels, new market and price strategy, customer service system, representation
  • To personal customer relationship management
  • To boost sales (actions, to utilise exhibition-driven additional publicity, high tide)
  • To on-the-spot sales, contracts
  • To market research, tests, feedback, to identify customer needs
  • To demonstrate market position (where are we better than competitors)
  • To analyse competitiveness (technical and marketing alike
  • To get new ideas, thoughts

(Presented by Károly Nagy at AHEFO)