PCEI and CENTREX will continue the long-lasting cooperation in the field of audit of the Polish exhibition statistics

On November 23, during the 8th Winter Convention of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry in Ciechocinek, PCEI and CENTREX - the International Exhibition Statistics Union, signed another contract prolonging the cooperation in the field of the audit and evaluation of statistical data of trade fairs and exhibitions organized by the Members of the Chamber.

The contract concluded for the years 2017-2019 is another step in the long-lasting cooperation between these two leading exhibition industry organizations of the Central and Eastern Europe.

CENTREX, a non-profit exhibition industry organization which associates leading exhibition organizers from the CEE region, a platform of transparent exhibition statistics of the CEE region and a certified auditor of UFI, has been auditing Polish exhibition statistics since 2008. Nevertheless, the history of the cooperation between PCEI and CENTREX, in numerous promotional areas, is much longer. It started in 2000 when PCEI (at that time, under the name of Polish Trade Fair Corporation), adopted its own standards and statistical definitions for trade fairs and exhibitions organized in Poland, utilizing the expertise of the leading foreign industry organizations like CENTREX, UFI and AUMA, and took a decision to professionally audit the exhibition statistics. The outcome of the cooperation between PCEI and CENTREX is the publication of Polish exhibition statistics in unique international statistical reports of the leading European industry organizations: CENTREX and UFI.

"Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with CENTREX, we have received international promotion of the statistical data of Polish trade fairs and exhibitions organized by the Members of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry in the most important international industry reports. The CENTREX Statistical Report is the only trade publication of this kind in the region of Central and Eastern Europe" said Marzenna Łukaszewicz, the Executive Director of PCEI, who for all those years has been supervising the performing of contractual terms and conditions of the audit.

"The CENTREX 2015 Central Eastern European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook contains audited exhibition data of 287 trade fairs organized in 2015 in 26 cities, by 30 trade fair companies: members of CENTREX, members of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry and guests organisers (Novi Sad Fair (Serbia) and Murator Expo (Poland)). These trade fairs hosted over 42,000 exhibitors who rented nearly 1.5 million sq.m. of exhibition space to attract the attention of 2.5 million visitors." stated Ildiko Molnar, the CENTREX Executive Director.