New dimension in exhibition cooperation in Central Eastern Europe

Audited exhibition statistics now in five countries - an Ukrainian company joining

At the first meeting in 2002 of CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union (12 February, 2002, Brno) Ukraine joined to the current four countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia), as well. Euroindex Ltd. from Kyev has become the tenth member of CENTREX. The newcomer is the second most significant Ukrainian exhibition organiser organising 6 high-tech trade fairs yearly.

The main objective of CENTREX is that her members undertake joint Central East European fair & exhibition statistics regulation that has been launched in 1997 and maintained since then (which fully meet the strict West European standards). The authenticity of these statistics are assured since they are verified (audited) by an international auditor company.

As to present the real international character of CENTREX the Board of Directors has elected a new chairman of the Union Mr. Boguslaw Zalewski, President & General Director of Poznan International Fair, while the mandate of the Executive Director (Mr. Jiri Knop from Trade Fairs Brno) has been renewed for an additional two years. The headquarters and coordination of CENTREX is located in Budapest.

The Board of Directors has made a resolution that joint promotion of exhibitions - first launched in 2001 - will be integral part of the continuing cooperation as well. On the basis of this action CENTREX web-site ( will maintain and upgrade practical exhibitor views which are useful for other exhibitors of the now five countries, and also international trends and research findings of the fair industry. Seminars and workshops - like in 2001 - organised by CENTREX are excellent way for exchange of experiences. To fortify the members' professional approach and creativity they launch a joint lobbying - a swift activity in the interest of exhibition world as an important part of the economy.

CENTREX - whose members were up till now the founders of the most significant exhibition organisers from the four Visegrad-countries - with this enlargement proves not only its openness but it has acquired additional recognition at international levels. Besides being successful in introducing application of transparent, reliable, audited exhibition value measuring standards - which have been in practice in the developed West Europe countries - with know-how adapted to the characteristics of our economic region it establishes the basis of wider cooperation and of technology transfer.

Exhibition Federation of Ukraine (EFU) wishes increasingly to cooperate with CENTREX in future - to make her country stronger in this field as well - in establishing the tools and practice of audited exhibition statistics. In April EFU will organise a trade seminar where they reckon with CENTREX to contribute to their success.

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union is the top exhibition industry organisation in Central Eastern Europe for promoting transparency, reliability and real market-value of exhibition statistics and of growing collaboration in the region.

CENTREX was founded in 1997 at the initiative of the market leader exhibition organisers in Central Eastern Europe (Poznan International Fair, BVV Brno, INCHEBA Bratislava and HUNGEXPO). From 1999 the Union was admitted as associate member of the UFI (Union des Foires Internationales). They strive for transparent, measurable, internationally acceptable, comparable, audited exhibition statistics, to promote these data and collaboration internationally, and to publish their data open wide in their annual publication and at their Internet site. Since the launch Czech INCHEBA Praha, Vystavisté Ceské Budejovice, Hungarian Szeged International Fair, V-Trade Exhibitions Debrecen and Polish Trade Center Kielce have joined, too.