Statistic and beyond CENTREX exhibition statistics yearbook 2013 already available

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the non-profit transparency platform of Central European exhibition organisers’ since 1997 is proud to present its 16th review of audited exhibition statistics based on jointly implemented international industry standards. 

CENTREX 2013 Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook contains audited exhibition data on 330 trade fairs organized by in 26 cities (from Bucharest to Poznan 29 trade fair companies – members of CENTREX and the members of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry – have hosted over 2.1 million visitors, and 40,000 exhibitors have used nearly 1.2 million sq.m. exhibition space to attract the attention of these visitors. (The yearbook is freely downloadable at: and the data will be later also included into the UFI Statistics Yearbook. 

We know that behind these data - both from part of the clients and the organisers - there are much effort, success, good feeling, briefly work and pleasure! The numbers do not fully reflect the live marvels of shows but with little imagination it implies. Surfing among the rows (and shows) we seem to get the feeling of the fair – hear and see and enjoy its sounds and fragrances…. 

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the leading Central East European exhibition industry organization has held her annual CENTREX event – board meeting and exchange of experiences – this year in Budapest, Hungary – on invitation of HUNGEXPO. The members agreed to continue the unique CENTREX VIP courtesy programme - mutually accepting each other’s VIP cards for entry – started in 2013. In frame of the Tour d' Table on CEE exhibition industry the members in details exchanged their experiences, discussed current trends of the industry: issues, situation and challenges.