Central East European 2011 exhibition statistics go on-line

CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, the leading Central East European exhibition industry organization has recently held her annual CENTREX event – board meeting and exchange of experiences on fresh developments – in Gdansk, Poland – on invitation of the Gdansk International Fair. 

The occasion was supported by the recent inauguration of brand new exhibition and conference centre Amberexpo in Gdansk – where first user will just be UEFA – for operation center at football European championship. 

CENTREX Board has approved the last year’s activity and finances, and agreed to the major steps in 2012 and budget scheme. 

CENTREX has made a short interim report on the ongoing international project – Call for papers among university students on the future of the exhibition industry 'Vision 2020'. It was announced that in Poland CENTREX cooperation partner the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (PCEI) has received already 13 papers, while in Hungary 5 papers arrived till day. The gate is still open – and in other countries the concept has been implemented slightly differently. 2012 and 2013 will see the next steps in this direction – an international workshop, 'Education meets the Industry' will take place – getting into the berth of the issue. 

    CENTREX has staged an experience exchange forum – focusing on ways and means how additional advantages, revenues were achieved through accompanying events, ideas, how they did help to maintain/expand visitors’, exhibitors’ interests to reach success in participation.
  • An example from V-Trade Debrecen (HU) has highlighted an accompanying event, a special auction of electric power for companies at their EnergoExpo trade fair.
  • HUNGEXPO has presented a multifaceted series of embedded events – promotional demonstration and sales of Hungaricums (special traditional and characteristic products of Hungary) at different exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Gdansk International Fair – banking of their city being the Capital of Amber – has shown their adaptability efforts to utilize the changing synergy opportunities – extending the original concept of Amberif fair from a 3-in-1 scenario into 1+1+1 setup: an internationally highlighted world leader B2B fair of AMBERIF while acquiring city and region inhabitants’ full support through an additional B2C oriented fair plus taking an Amber Festival to the city staging different attractive public events, fashion shows the streets of Gdansk.

CENTREX members and their guests from PCEI and CEFA has discussed emerging industry situation of Central and East Europe, remarkable trends in collaboration with and challenge from partner industry associations. 

CENTREX Board has decided to continue actively collaborate and contribute to the refinement of exhibition transparency concepts, an attempt to the redefinition of internationality in exhibition industry in the current globalised environment. 

CENTREX has just in these days published the 2011 Central East European Exhibition Statistics Yearbook. It contains audited exhibition data on 351 trade fairs organized by in 30 cities of 7 Central East European countries. 32 trade fair companies – members of CENTREX and the members of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry – have hosted over 2.8 million visitors, and 48,000 exhibitors have used nearly 1.5 million sq.m. exhibition space to attract the attention of these visitors. (The yearbook is freely downloadable at: www.centrexstat.org)