Communiqué / News bulletin

1.321.485 = 38.215 + 2.500.000. Before you reach out for the calculator we inform you the formula is right because these numbers are the key data of the members of the Centrex International Exhibition Statistics Union. The solution is: netto exhibition area = numbers of exhibitors + numbers of visitors. Of course the formula is fiction but it reflects the main data of exhibitions ( market indicators).

The first comprehensive publication of the Centrex Union has been published in early 1999 which includes the exhibition statistics of all the members for 1998.

Centrex Union was established by the major exhibition companies in Central-Eastern Europe BVV Brno, MTP Poznan, Incheba Bratislava and Hungexpo Budapest in 1997, Incheba Praha joined to the Union in 1998 and Szeged International Fair in 1999 with the purpose of co-ordinating their activities in the field of exhibition statistics, introducing a high-level and comprehensive Regulation promoting its international acceptance, authentication and upgrading, and related information tasks.

It can be ascertained that this brochure is the first comprehensive publication in the region of the Central-Eastern Europe on reliable authentic and exact data of exhibitions. The validity of these data are audited by independent international auditor. BDO. The Regulation according to which the data are compiled and audited is very similar to the internationally accepted and experienced (like FKM or STFC)

Additionally the members collaborate in many parts of their activity: like exchange of experience on marketing every year.