Central East European Exhibitions in Numbers

The audited 2008 exhibition statistics from Central East Europe is now out of the print.CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union, established in 1997 to introduce and supervise exhibition transparency in this region is now publishing the fresh market value indicators. The audit process of the exhibition media in Central East Europe means the fairs undergoing internationally acknowleged scrutiny to arrive at credible, internationally comparable and reliable trade fair statistics.

Altogether the 18 CENTREX member fair organisers who have submitted their statistics for this audit process has staged exactly 278 trade fairs and exhibitions, accounting of over 3.047,386 visits, where nearly 49,787 exhibitors presented their products and services (among them 21 p.c. direct foreign exhibitors). They have used 1.925,833 sq. m. net exhibition space for their appearences.

The outcoming brochure for the first time reaches beyond actual CENTREX membership - CENTREX Union has been commissioned to supervise all trade fairs in Poland - t.i. the members of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (PCEI). The PCEI members (other than the 2 CENTREX-UFI member organisers Poznan International Fair and Kielce Trade Fairs) have managed to organise 127 fairs, putting cities like Cracow, Warsaw, Lublin, Gdansk and others not only onto the Polish exhibition map but beyond. 

The audited 2008 exhibition statistics is accounting an aggregate of 30 cities, 405 trade fairs, around 4 million visitors, over 63,000 exhibitors, exceeding 2.2 million sq. net exhibition space.