Polish Agriculture Days - An Important Point Of Euroagro Lviv Agenda

17 November marks the beginning of the International Fair of Agricultural Techniques in Lviv - a showcase for Polish agricultural equipment and accessories producers. The expo agenda also includes the conference of the business-insiders

The International Fair of Agricultural Techniques EuroAgro is held from 17 to 19 November in Lviv
(Photo - AGROTECH archives)

Agricultural machines, equipment for farms and livestock buildings - this is just a sample of what will be showcased at the expo organised by Targi Kielce in conjunction with the Ukrainian Gal-Expo Centre in Lviv. The Euro-Agro accompanying events programme includes the thematic conference  Polish-Ukrainian industrial and agri-food cooperation". Its organisers - the Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Polish Embassy in Kiev look forward to seeing you on 17 and 18 November 2016  in Lviv. The conference is a part of the general  Polish Agriculture Days programme.

Lviv will see already the second edition of the event. The organisers of Polish Agriculture Days set themselves the objectives - Polish economy promotion and the enhancement of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation with particular emphasis on agro-food sector.

Invited experts and entrepreneurs will address many important issues concerning Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the agricultural sector. The conference participants will learn about Polish agri-food production market strong points, the success-story of Polish farmers in relation to the development proceeded, the Polish agricultural market integration with the EU structures. This is an educational event therefore it will abound with information on the support forms for agricultural producers, practical knowledge about agricultural and food production certification principles.

KredoBank will also present its offer of finance provision for agricultural business.

The Polish Agriculture Days is the event organised in conjunction with the Trade and Investment Promotion of Polish Embassy in Kiev and in partnership with the East- Europe Integration Association.  The event partners are: Lviv State Oblast Administration, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry and "Szuwar" Agricultural Products Market LLC.

Polish Agriculture Days in Lviv - 17 and 18 November.